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The end

In the end I regret nothing.
My first made me stronger.
He was one of my firsts.
He helped create memories that even he isn’t aware he was part of.
Who can forget Halloween.
“#*+¥ is my soulmate!”
He will be forever in my mind.

The other guy showed me that it takes more then just pleasure to forget someone who left you with so much.

And for the guy I met unexpectedly he gave me hope, freedom, and beautiful memories.
Hope: He gave me hope that there are still some pretty amazing guys out there. Just like him.
Freedom. Thanks to him my parents now give me all the freedom of the world.
Beautiful memories. Ones that I will cherish in my heart for a long time.
He will forever be in my heart.

Part 5

We remained together but things were hard.
But we also knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
Work, my parents, distance and just life kept getting in the way.
He had freedom, in my case not so much.
Convincing my mom to let me stay the night took so much out of me.
More than he probably will ever know.
My 19th birthday weekend was by far the worst.
Tears that’s all I remember.
I should’ve know then.
But we tried to make it work again and once again it seemed to fall apart.
Was it you?
Was it me?
Did we both not try anymore?
But once again we tried again.
You told me you loved me.
I believed it.
When I saw you again I was scared.
Very scared.
I was falling in love with you.
But for a reason I may never know you became distant?
Do I hate you? No.

Part 4

It was the end of April.
Life was beautiful.
I was happy again.
That’s when I met someone unexpectedly.
Fate or maybe destiny brought us together.
It all started with a simple text.
A question about a pen.
Why did I continue with the conversation afterwards I don’t even know.
We made a deal.
Two weeks and then we would part ways.
I had nothing to lose so I said yes.
You invited me over.
I was terrified.
But all the worries seem to fade when I saw you.
I felt protected from the very thing that had danger written all over it.
I don’t think I will ever forget waking up that morning to your eyes staring at me.
Those magical blue eyes made me feel safe and protected from any danger.
Days passed and the more I fell for you.
The sigh of relief when you told me that you couldn’t get me out of your head.
That night you took me back to your place after so many drinks you were all over the place but that night I will never forget.
Two weeks passed.
By that time I felt like I’ve known you for years not two weeks.
But the fairytale came to an end.
We would be miles away from each other. Even more two weeks later. Two moths later you would be even farther.
We remained together.

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